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I'm looking for a new place to live atm (don't have a PPOR) so cruising around New Farm Brisbane hitting the PMs and taking rental lists.

But I was stopped dead by a PM on Brunswick St who told me that I was not allowed to take a rental list. She would show me the list and if I saw something I liked she would give me a pencil and a piece of paper so I could write down the address and go have a look.


And this woman was not an REA - PM was her core business.

I felt like I was back in grade school. Needless to say I believe that my tenants should be treated with dignity (even if it was preferable they pay a bit more rent...). I'm guessing the 6.50 pm she charges every LL for stationary and postage costs would cover the cost of some handouts.

What a laugh.  

boomtown said: ↑
cruising around New Farm Brisbane hitting the PMsClick to expand...
After that I'm not surprised how you were treated!

But yeah that's just weird. You should have asked if you could use her photocopier instead of a pencil.  

Knew of one PM who had a vacancy list for 'local' people & one for recent arrivals to the coast.
After she identified where you were from she decided which list you were given - rent amounts on the recent arrivals list was priced somewhat higher than the locals list.

Dont know if she is still a pm now tho.


boomtown said: ↑

And this woman was not an REA - PM was her core business.

.Click to expand...

does this mean that she was unlicensed and running a real estate agency that specialises in property management or does this mean that she was an employee of the agency????  

I mean the agency only did property management. I have no reason to think its unlicenced. It was an older lady I was talking to so she very well could have been the agency principal. Maybe she is trying to save the trees....

Lol. I hope my PMs dont aspire to refusing to give out rental information to prospective tenants.  

I remember getting that.. the PM pulled the list away from me when I tried to get a better look at - get this - WHAT SHE WAS SHOWING ME - details of a property on the list... what the hel else is on this list than properties & prices - even if someone sees a property is available, the PM doesn't HAVE TO rent it to them if they think it's unsuitable

WHen I asked if I coudl have acopy of the list so I coudl see the proeproties, got told the same thign, which properoties & I will give you the details - what the hell ? Ifelt like I had done somehtign wrong, but wasn't quite sure what it was, but she was going to make sure she kept me in my place over it lol  

I wondered if it was a security concern, and the list had been found to be used for nefarious purposes in the past. Perhaps criminals go around knocking off fittings from vacant properties? Or homeless people go and squat in them? :confused:

In any case, I still agree that there are much better ways of addressing the issue, such as giving you the list after taking details of your ID.

Bizarre! Especially in an upmarket area like New Farm!  

She may be better than a PM I encountered who insisted that the tenants pay in cash each Saturday at her office :eek: and that she didn't believe in advertising on the internet. :confused:

I was selecting a new PM. Surprising she didn't make the short list.  

GoAnna! said: ↑
She may be better than a PM I encountered who insisted that the tenants pay in cash each Saturday at her office :eek:Click to expand...
Maybe she told the tenant and the owner two different rental rates and was skimming more off the top :eek: I wonder if she gave out receipts!  

Maybe the list is just bogus like the sold properties that stay in the window for months after they've been sold.  

Piston Broke said: ↑
Maybe the list is just bogus like the sold properties that stay in the window for months after they've been sold.Click to expand...
hehe yeah this is certianly strange I thought they always give out list of vacant rental properties as for the properties in windows this happens on rea alot it's quite annoying when you interested in a property and the agent tries to bait you with something you never wanted in the first place and informs the house has been sold x amont of weeks or even months ago I even emailed them asking them to please remove the listing then it sat on rea for around 2months my nieghbours is still sitting on the market it;s well and truly sold lol  

well the economic down turn has obviously hit everyone hard :D  

Think it has more to do with other agents poaching their rental proerties. Some agents will get other agents rental lists then start to write to those owners and see if they can get the managament.:)  

lol another great trait of old times that agents still hold onto.
ie "We own the customer".
If they spent the time looking after them, they should have no reason to go elsewhere. And if they do, it wont be long before they return.
In these time politeness is more important than ever.
Of course I understand it's easier said than done, but you have to at least try.  

On that point I have been offered about 2/3 the rates from another PM but won't move because the current PM is fantastic.  

I called this agent to look at a 3 bedroom unit, in the end I just gave up because she was so difficult.  
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