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As we all know, having an efficient property manager to manage one's portfolio is crucial for successful property investment.

I have a pm who manages a core holding of our IP's. She has over 20 years experience in the area of property management and builds up an effective rapport with both tenants and landlords.

I have observed that she has effective communication skills and uses her time efficiently. For instance, she will try to resolve an issue before returning calls. I used to find this frustrating - as she would take some time to return calls (Usually a day or two) However, I have noticed that when she did return the call, issues were resolved - or she had taken steps to resolve the matter.

How does your pm work? Do you find them to be efficient? When you have issues that need resolving, do you need to follow up your pm?

Regards Jason.  

i thought i had one - and she has been fantastic over the last 10 years ... but ... settled on a property 23rd dec, she was suppose to photograph and list on r/est.com before the break, was too busy so didn't get listed and now not back to work until 4th jan.

doesn't sound like much, but means i miss out on potential tenants for 2 weeks.

not happy.  

To be perfectly honest I'm not sure who is actually managing our properties at the moment. There is the RE receptionist (who used to be our property manager). She fields enquiries and most contact seems to come from her. There is another person who does inspections and then there is the actual property manager (the third one this year) who we have never met and hear from very rarely apart from the occasional email.

But .. everything seems to run smoothly enough, rent on one property is well in advance the other usually a little behind but not enough to be given a breach. Inspection reports come through regularly and all in all everything seems fine. Fingers crossed, but hopefully no news is good news.  

jingo said: ↑
However, I have noticed that when she did return the call, issues were resolved - or she had taken steps to resolve the matterClick to expand...
Is it because she hadn't done anything until the time you prompted her? An acknowledgement that she received your call would have been nice but then she would have had to tell you that she hadn't done anything.... yet....  

We've had a bad run with PMs. We never seemed to find a "good" one. Now my wife looks after the properties and she's as efficient as they come - must be her German heritage.

She organises regular rent increases, inspections are done routinely, notices are sent out to non-paying tenants and repairs/issues are attended to straight away. Most importantly, there's rarely any vacancies because new tenants are ready to move in on the same day the old ones move out.  
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