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在澳大利亚 The pool at of an IP needs to be resurfaced (or so the pool doctor says), the cost was estimated to be $10K ($10,000), after recoverying from my impresssion of a cat coughing up a fur ball, it just seems far too much. Its just a standard poo I need some advice regarding a property purchase. Property - semi-detached house Bedrooms - 2 Condition - average needs internal reno to modernise Street - one of the best in suburb Location - excellent Close to schools - yes Transport - 50m

hello everyone,

i got a great free DVD on property today. (i will not be paying for the property course - but its a great DVD on property)


How about giving us a run-down on why its a good DVD??

What does it cover, does it tell us something new, anything that cant be easily found on this site?


it teachers you the real life example of a structured property accumulation plan, which allows a client to buy 8 properties in less then 3 years.

it makes sence. - it is worth ordering the free DVD  

why would you not - it's free. or is there a catch? to late, i just ordered it. expected to get spammed!!

then again - if i learn just one thing it will be worthwhile and i'm used to getting rid of that annoying israeli broker spam stuff anyhow.  

Just ordered it too. I will reserve my judgement until I have a chance to watch it.

It is very easy to block junk email anyway...  

I haven't seen the DVD, but Jason McGuiness is the head of mCorp. He started investing in residential property in the late 90's and did very well (and who didn't at that time?). But he is slightly optimistic about how capital growth works. Because he made a zillion from capital growth, he thinks that it will be the same for everyone in every year.

I saw him speak a while back, and he made one comment which just made no sense at all. He suggested paying a little bit too much for a property, because you're going to make 10% capital growth a year, so what's an extra grand or two? And then he said that a tennant is not huge issue, because the capital growth from you IP will be so great, that it will cover just about any expense you incur (including not having a tenant).

And his whole theory to is buy enough property so that you can simply "live off the equity". My suggestion is that if you want to see the DVD, go back to 1997 and watch it.

(Oh, and his company mCorp charges $6k+ to source property, so that's why he's giving out the free DVD)  

Timmy said: ↑
(Oh, and his company mCorp charges $6k+ to source property, so that's why he's giving out the free DVD)Click to expand...
i have no intention of paying him a cent for any service - but i'll take the free dvd gladly, then once received unsubscribe to his website ...  

Yes, I ordered the free DVD too. I too intend to block the spam. Twill be interesting to see what's on the DVD.  

Had a few bad run-ins with telemarketers Lizzie? :D You seem to have the resolution worked out.

lizzie said: ↑
i have no intention of paying him a cent for any service - but i'll take the free dvd gladly, then once received unsubscribe to his website ...Click to expand...

I've had no spam from them yet....fingers crossed.  

I am happy that everyone is ordering the Free DVD. You can never have to much information. I would like some feedback of what people think about the DVD.

I will not be paying 6k to listen but i was up for a free DVD. It is very easy to block junk email anyway...  

Rodney said: ↑
I would like some feedback of what people think about the DVD.
It is very easy to block junk email anyway...Click to expand...
Chris.R_WA said: ↑
It is very easy to block junk email anyway...Click to expand...
If either of you can stop all of the junk email and snail mail spam I receive I'll pay you $1000.

On the contrary, it is extremely hard to stop all spam. I'm guessing you guys haven't copped the full brunt of it.

A good tool for those interested is spamgourmet.com

I've ordered the DVD as well. I doubt it will teach me anything new but I'm happy to be proved wrong :)  

i have made a new email address at www.hotmail.com to use when ordering something like a FREE DVD.

It works well for me  

If you want to keep an eye on who is spamming you then www.gmail.com is the way to go, still working through the features but essentially your would set up you main email address like

me @gmail.com

then for any other subscriptions you would add

[email protected]


[email protected]

and so on....

Have fun with it...


Hey Ivy,

The problem with the gmail + addressing is that alot of the input forms think that you have made an error with the plus sign, and dont allow you to enter it.

It seems to me about a 50% strike rate.


True T,


I have met jason Mcguiness and had a reasonable conversation with him. He seems like a good guy who simple trys to help people with property investing. I have also been to his seminar, which i thought was great! And for the record, i went to an intro seminar with his there...he said that the cost of his 3 day course is 3k.....but if you bought the clown doctors (charity) wrist band, you could attend his 3 day seminar for free! thats right, he doesnt charge for the 3 day seminar, not one sent.

And yes, the buyers agent, type role that mcorp do, there is a flat rate of $5500 (or something), but how is this different to other types of property soucring people (who often charge a % of the purchase price!)  

Ok. Also sent away for the DVD and it arrived yesterday. Have only skimmed through it so far.

One part of it that caught my attention was advice that was being given to an existing client.

He had used equity in his PPOR to get a LOC to use as deposits for I/P's. So far so good. The class were told that this client could use the capital growth in these (3) I/P's to get further L'sOC to pay back to the original LOC. Not impossible but a little messy for my liking. That's still not the part that caught my attention.

The client was then advised that he could take $10-12K (think that was the figure) or whatever amount he chose, from the original LOC every year to spend on holidays.

Unless I'm mistaken, this would make tax time a lot more complicated than it has to be and could bring the structure down (IMHO).

As I said, have only skimmed through it, and maybe there was something I missed.

Not trying to judge the presenter or the company, this segment just rang alarm bells for me.


dvd fundamentals

The DVD explains the fundamentals behind property investment:-
power of leverage
basis of buying property because of their security as an asset
piggybacking on the equity
analysis of median prices
disadvantages of high rises
shares vs property

None of it is new but it's also good to revisit the basics
It is long 3 hrs, there's some lifestlye stuff thrown in and an ad for his travelling experiences.
Great for beginners and those who need the security of someone holding their hand through the property buying process, at a cost.  

Yes, just finished watching the DVD. For me it started off at a really slow pace....geared to about where my level of understanding was a year or so ago. For that reason, the DVD would be really good for newbies, as he explains the concepts in a very simple manner.

Then he picks the pace up a little...and it was more interesting for me. Towards the end he gave a few plugs for his own coy, but I was expecting that, so no surprises there. However, his plugs were not too much over the top.

Some of his generalisations were a wee bit too generalised for me, but that did not detract from the learning to be gained.

All in all...good DVD to watch and learn from.  

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