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在澳大利亚 I need some advice regarding a property purchase. Property - semi-detached house Bedrooms - 2 Condition - average needs internal reno to modernise Street - one of the best in suburb Location - excellent Close to schools - yes Transport - 50m The pool at of an IP needs to be resurfaced (or so the pool doctor says), the cost was estimated to be $10K ($10,000), after recoverying from my impresssion of a cat coughing up a fur ball, it just seems far too much. Its just a standard poo

This deal has been advertised a number of times on TV lately with a March 2012 deadline and an ability to upgrade/add panels in the future

Does anyone with any knowledge of solar panels and the systems have any thoughts on the deal?

  • 4.2kw inverter
  • 1.5kw system output
  • 8 x 190 high efficiency panels
  • Complete installation



The Feed in Tariff finished in AUG 2011 here

True Value Deal  

Assuming its the PowerOne PVI-5000-OUTD-AU its minimum DC voltage is 140v.
Depending on the panels you will probably be struggling to reach that with just 8 particularly in winter.
Not a deal breaker in itself but you would be wanting to add about 8 more to it fairly quickly.

I believe some of the Aurora inverter products have only a 1year warranty, but not sure? I know some people have had overheating issues with them but from what I understand they are a reasonable product for price.

You would want some more info on the panels too. ie warranty period.  


The recent prices seem to be a huige step down from a year or two ago  

redwing said: ↑

The recent prices seem to be a huige step down from a year or two agoClick to expand...
Same goes for the quality...

But yes, good quality systems have also taken a step down in price.

BTW I hate looking at these types of "deals". There is nothing on that website that says:

- The brand and model of inverter
- The brand and model of solar panel
- The warranty provided by each manufacturer (as against just this shop front)

A 25 year "efficiency warranty" provided by a tiny company such as this isn't worth the paper it's written on. Such a warranty provided by companies like BP Solar, SMA or Q-Cells could warrant further investigation however. But you would really want to read that document in full and find out exactly what is being warranted.

There are solar panels and there are solar panels and as with everything else you pay for what you get.

I am more familiar with larger scale product (circa 10MW+) and the guarantees provided there are typically:
- For 20 years
- Have well defined means of measuring performance based on insolation and production, incorporating everything in between (no excuses...)
- Guarantee something like 5 years above 95% then 5 years above 90% then 10 years above 85%
- Provided by bankable counter parties with balance sheets able to support the guarantees and a track record to match
- Are consequently able to be relied on for cash flows for the whole period

I can only suggest looking around at panel and inverter suppliers who are able to get their products banked in large scale developments (that have actually been built and banked in first world countries) as then at least you would have some good reasons to believe in the quality of the product. But you would also want to check you are getting exactly the same equipment used for the large developments. And check the fine print of the manufacturer warranty documents for each component and exactly how to claim on an efficiency guarantee (think about that for a minute - how exactly do you prove efficiency degradation?).

If you get quotes from these more reputable types of suppliers then you can get an idea of the "real" cost of solar. Paying peanuts on a deal like this instead typically means that after 5-10 years you end up with junk on your roof that you have to find some way of disposing of and a supplier who is of course long gone...  

Avoid! Have not heard good things about this company. Lots of problems with schedules, faulty installations and over billing.  

The 4.2kW inverter is a twin tracker so runs very well on 8 panels.

The company, in SA, had some issues a while a go with their installers but moved them on and totally re-vamped the state. Since then they have had really strong reviews.

If you have the roof space definitely go for the 4.2kW or 3.6kW inverter, both a twin trackers so work with smaller amounts of panels, and you can use different brand ones in the future as well (i.e. dont need to be exactly the same panel).  

Solarrec offering 1.5kw for $990


My sister and her husband have just had an installation done by TVS. As I'm interested, I asked how it went. Apparently all their dealings with the company and contractors were great and they were happy with work done and price.
I'm now waiting to see her first bill on the new system before I decide whether to go ahead or not.

I am sceptical about their deadline. It feels to me like a sales push and I won't be surprised if some new discount takes it's place after March.  

Belu said: ↑
The 4.2kW inverter is a twin tracker so runs very well on 8 panels.Click to expand...
If the panels are only 24-26v that is a max of about 200v. By the time you take into account it being a fixed array and winter its going to spend a lot of its time sitting in the lower portion of its efficiency curve.
I know how much mine used to struggle with 8 panels just adding 2 more almost doubled the daily output.

Again it depends on the panel used, there are some these days that have a Vmax of 33v-36v which would be a lot more suitable for a 8 panel setup.  

For that price it will be cheap chinese junk that will fail after a couple of years. You will then have to replace it with something better.

Better off buying something decent from the outset. Buy cheap buy twice.  

8 panel system with 4.2kW Growatt inverter so say the T&C's  

Got a quote

Please find attached quotation for your new PV solar system.

8 X 190W PV Solar Panels
1 X 4.2Kw Growatt Inverter(MTL)
Wiring and Mounting Kit
Installation by CEC-Accredited Electrician

TOTAL $1,896.00 inc. GST

25 year panel manufacturer performance warranty
5 year (minimum) inverter manufacturer warranty
10 year True Value Solar installation warrantyClick to expand...
Extra panels are 450 each

8 in the offer is 1.5kW
10 is 2kW
12 is 2.28kW

it works out to be cheaper per kW for 8 panels than 10 or 12 due to the way the rebates work.  

And did they tell you who was the manufacturer of these amazing panels and provide you with a full copy of all their warranties? I for one would be interested in what is covered in them...  

'Growatt inverter", Google it and I think you will have your answer pretty fast.

Love how the product page indicates they are using Aurora.  

redwing said: ↑
The Feed in Tariff finished in AUG 2011 hereClick to expand...
we still get 7c/kWh or 1for1

retail juice is about 24c/kWh, so the most economic solution at the moment would be to size your system so you are power neutral or almost neutral.

speaking to an installer today he said that its best to have an analogue meter (the one with the wheel that spins) rather than a digital meter because the analogue meter will count backwards when you are producing more than you are using whereas the digital meter calculates usage and generation at the time it is used or generated.  

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