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在澳大利亚 I need some advice regarding a property purchase. Property - semi-detached house Bedrooms - 2 Condition - average needs internal reno to modernise Street - one of the best in suburb Location - excellent Close to schools - yes Transport - 50m The pool at of an IP needs to be resurfaced (or so the pool doctor says), the cost was estimated to be $10K ($10,000), after recoverying from my impresssion of a cat coughing up a fur ball, it just seems far too much. Its just a standard poo

This was recently semi discussed in another thread, but I thought I would ask anyway.

On a recent inspection one of our tenants asked us what we did to keep the ducks off the pool! We had never had this problem - and we think it is cause we had floating crocodile pool toys in there all the time.

Some suggestions have been throwing tennis balls at them, apparently rubber snakes don't work, frisbies sink and old cd's tied to the fence could work.

My tenant has tried the Duck Off product and made the water cloudy and doesn't really stop the ducks making a mess.

The PM doesn't think it is an issue, and the pool shop basically had no idea.

Suggestions anybody


Why not give the plastic crocodile toys a try once more, and see if they work again.  

Hi Sunshine

We just moved into a place with a pool and visiting ducks- we haven't had any issues yet but the previous owners left behind some plastic floating ducks (they look like garden ornaments upon first glance) which apparently do the trick of scaring rogue ducks away from your premises :D

If you have no joy with pool shops try landscaping suppliers such as FlowerPower or perhaps Bunnings?  


In the earlier thread you referred to, one poster said that they had installed a pool cover and no longer had problems with ducks. Whether this would be problematic in an IP is another question.

I like Wylie's suggestion of the crocodile toys - sounds cheap, simple and effective!


get a dog that's happy to jump in after the ducks all day!

or you can try fishing line strung across the duck landing pattern.  

When I was a kid, dad had an owl, printed on a sheet of plastic, kept starlings sparrows, all the non-predatory birds away from "me bl**dy tomatoes", the fishpond, the pool, in the end kept the magpies from going the trout fingerlings in the swimming pool. funny how after the fish went in nobody swam in the pool much.
I think it was a kite, just stretched out so the wind could make it move a bit.  

The floating crocodile is the way to keep ducks off the pool.
Tried it and 100% recommend it.
You can also play with the croc too:D

shotgun, that will fix it.  

Thanks for the replies.

We lived in this IP for 2 years before moving to the Sunny Coast and we never had a problem with ducks - spiders yes - but that is a different story!

I wasn't sure if the large crocodile pool toys would have been scary for the ducks or if there wasn't enough room in the pool for the ducks!

I have noticed (but not paid attention to) floating "things" in pools and ponds whilst looking at IPs. They obviously work but I was unsure what type of animal they were. So I shall check out floating ducks and crocodiles for the tenants use. As a backup I shall try to dig out our large crocodile pool toy.

We did have a pool blanket, but it was leaving small round plastic discs in the pool - so that went and we are not too keen on paying $500 for a new one!

Got to say a special thanks to softmonkey for the suggestion of fishing line across the duck landing pattern - this gave my sadistic Dad a very good laugh and even made hubby chuckle.

As a side note - the person in the pool supply shop had plenty of stories about ducks driving people crazy in their pools. Got me thinking how hard would it be for her to find out what works (not Duck Off which was their only recommendation) to keep the ducks at bay - buy it and then onsell. Nope nope nope - it is all a bit too hard. Have I mentioned just how much I looove living on the Sunshine Coast? ;)

Thanks again


If the croc doesnt work you could always try putting a shark in the pool...not sure how long they can live in chlorine, but you can only try. You will have to remember he's in there when you go for a swim, or just keep him well fed so he wont see you as a food source.

Or you can do what we did...we had our pet galah in a cage out near the pool...whenever duck came, she went beserk at them and frightened them away.

Its a pity, coz I rather like ducks...  

I hear the duck is rather good this time of the year. :D  

A 5 iron might work.

Run the pool filter a bit longer afterwards.  

Trial the options. Then alternate the two most effective ones.
Keep 'em on their toes.

Don't want them thinking "Not that plastic croc again!":rolleyes:  

Get rid of Ducks

If you want to get rid of ducks and at the same time educate them to stay away then try Kings Duck Solution. It does not go in the water but is applied where the ducks like to stand. After a few days the visits will decrease until they stop all together. Michael.  

oasis1frog said: ↑
shotgun, that will fix it.Click to expand...
I 2nd that - works a treat. just make sure you use solids not bb as the lead pellets are a devil to pick out your teeth.  


If I ever get a pool I guarantee no ducks...why?

I have a Jack Russell...:D


Today she created a commotion....that dreaded "snake barking"....

Sure enough as soon as I arrived on scene, she's gone in and grabbed the snake, shook the ***** out of it as I called her off.
It then slithered away into the bushes with dog wanting to persue, but me still calling her off.

It's the first one Ive seen her actually grab fully and shake the daylights out of it...the last one she was nipping at it's tail as it fled and she then ducks the "punches" as it strikes back while trying to flee.

Dont think it will be back do you?

However, there is a downside....she will get caught out one day when the reflexes are not quite so fast.

But ducks...easy meat for a Jackie..  

Rixter said: ↑
I 2nd that - works a treat. just make sure you use solids not bb as the lead pellets are a devil to pick out your teeth.Click to expand...
Thats where "season shot" comes in ;)


  1. Load your gun with Season Shot and let the hunt begin. Watch as your bird is seasoned on impact leaving no harmful waste behind in the environment.
  2. Forget about removing shot, prepare the whole bird for dinner! The Season Shot pellets will melt in the oven seasoning the entire bird.
  3. Enjoy! No wasted time, no wasted meat, no waste left behind. Finally there's a better way!


Season Shot  


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