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在澳大利亚 Hi Guys, Ive found a property that has mentioned two payments coming up of $1400 to apparently top up the admin fund and 2 have just been paid. Im looking at a financial statement (basically a balance sheet) for the strata and its all a bit Hi all, I currently have a PPOR and 10K cash in the bank which I plan to use as a deposit for a IP early next year. Is it possible for me to place this into my PPOR loan and then redraw the 10K when Im ready for the IP and then claim the int

Who out there can offer some advice on ants?

A block of flats I have has two ground floor units seemingly placed directly over a teeming ant metropolis. They are continually making an unwelcome return!

I have followed their trail under the house and they follow the plumbing deep underground.

Ants ants everywhere!!  

Sorry mantioning the obvious, but have you tried to call a pest control company?


Hey Wombat!

Tibor states the obvious, and perhaps the best remedy :)

However, if you want to try it on your own, the best thing is Borax.

You can buy it in a 500g tub in the cleaning chemicals isle in the supermarket for about $8. This is the active ingredient in AntRid.
(Or you can buy about 5grams in a bottle of antrid for $8!!!)

Take some sort of sweet liquid (I use watered down honey, but you can use stale lemonade.... anything that will attract ants) and mix as much borax in as you can. The ants will come and take it back to the nest with them.

I must say, although this works, it is NOT as good as getting a professional pesty guy in.

asy :D  

Trust me - Pay the money and get a professional.

You'll see no spiders or ants for around 12 months or more.

I've tried killing the blighters before without much luck.

A good professional sprays inside / outside, up the walls, the gardens, the works. The stuff also kills them for a time should they wander back over from next door.....




I'll try your suggestion - for the sake of trying to see the effect, otherwise I'll call ANT BUSTERS!  


l have had my share of ant troubles in the past. Tried 2 different pest control mobs and both times they didnt rid me of the problem. The chemicals they can legally use these days are pretty weak and dont seem to last.

l havent tried Borax, but can highly recommend a product called Coopex, costs abouts $6 for a satchel that makes 4lt when mixed. use a pump up pressure sprayer and spray all around the house. It works great, is non toxic to humans, and lasts for months. Ants hate it, and at the price you can afford to buy loads of it and spray all areas very well. Available at some hardware shops and ag outlets like Dalgety.

l found that once the pest control guys had left and the ants come back weeks later it was better to spray yourself as soon as you noticed the problem than calling them back. The trick is to keep them at bay and especially out of roof cavities as once they start nesting in hard to get places your problem has really increased. For the $200 a pro charges you can make a lot of Coopex spray.

Good luck  

Mondie has a point to a degree.

There's pest control companies, and pest control companies.

All are not created equal.....

I've got a good one near me now that I know personally. The stories he'll tells me about some of the others - scarey stuff.....

Like the sound of the other stuff though. Might get some for myself....  

Does Coopex work for spiders as well as ants ?  

Originally posted by darryl
Does Coopex work for spiders as well as ants ? Click to expand...
Yep, watch 'em run!  

Have a look at the Data sheet

Please use the appropriate safety stuff, this seems to kill everything!! Let's not test the theory!!!

asy :D  

Hi Asy

This is the packet one -

http://www.bayercropscience.com.au/products/resources/msds/Coopex Residual Insecticide.pdf

I know of people who have sprayed it around there aviaries for years with no problems...........wouldnt try it with the dust though.


Try ANTEX mate its fantastic.
500 grm from the supermarket cost about $6. I had droves of them on my veranda for years and couldnt get rid of them. Threw this down 6months ago and still waiting for them to reappear.

I love Black Ants - Black Ants eat White Ants and they also tell you when its going to rain.  

What sort of ant problem do you have? The small brown type?
Black ones, white ones, fire ants? Those orrible sticky green ones?  

Originally posted by Phantom
What sort of ant problem do you have? The small brown type?
Black ones, white ones, fire ants? Those orrible sticky green ones?
Click to expand...
I don't know what happened to my original post...

What I meant to say was- I guess a person called phantom should know about ants  

Used to be a Flick man many years ago, suggestions as follows.
Australia is an ant hill, you can only control, not eliminate. Any surviving ant can and will be turned into a queen by the others.
They are great to control white ants so don't be over enthusiastic unless a real pain.
Borax idea is ok, but limited effect. We trialed an ant trap similar to cockroach traps in look but work on the principle of taking the chemical back to the nest and the colony dies. Available at some agriculture shops, again normally control only.
Organophospahtes are available at some agriculture shops (in QLD any way). Great, lasts about 3-5 years theoretically (3 mnths in reality) but extra extra nasty for the user. OK once dry but in its liquid state can and does kill so be very careful and follow instructions. Personally I avoid it.
Now days I find the easiest way is to buy the cheapest lawn grub spray you can - available in hose click on spray packs. Belt them initially, 10 days later and then 1 month and then 3 months. Persistence works. This is for bad infestations, I normally only belt them twice because I like them in my yard (not my house).
If ants entering inside, Coopex wettable powder (must be the wettable variety not the dry powder stuff ie you can add water to it) sprayed (read saturated) into weep holes or entry voids is great. Use in conjunction with the grub spray outside.
Pest control companies you get what you pay for. But most will only 'guarantee' for 3 months and I consider that optimistic for a commercial venture.
Try grub spray and coopex wettable powder.  

Great suggestions here all.

With all this info under my belt - the ants at this place will be subjected to a campain of Shock and Awe!  

Organophospates - what the hell use DDT! to get rid of Bindii also. Even better soak the whole area in petrol and ignite it!!! This will also fix your weed problems.

Seriously there is a chemical called Bifentrin (synethetic pyretrum). Will not kill you or your tenants. Go to Globe turf or Primac Elders and see what they have got, just pretent you are a profesional or own a farm. Bifenthrin is what Flick type companies use now.

Please do not use ANYTHING that has such a residule as mentioned above.

I use Dragnet but you MUST use safety gear (great for lawn grub also) only if no birds around to eat grubs.



Just another thing came into my mind. It helped a friend of mine when I visited him in Greenbank (Brissie West).

Environment friendly and quit effective, but you have to do a bit of work.

Find the nest holes and poor down a couple of liter boiling water
on it. It works as as my friend did not see ANY ants inside since I gave them (ants) the treatment about 15 months ago.

Just a thought.


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