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在澳大利亚 Hi Guys, Ive found a property that has mentioned two payments coming up of $1400 to apparently top up the admin fund and 2 have just been paid. Im looking at a financial statement (basically a balance sheet) for the strata and its all a bit Hi all, I currently have a PPOR and 10K cash in the bank which I plan to use as a deposit for a IP early next year. Is it possible for me to place this into my PPOR loan and then redraw the 10K when Im ready for the IP and then claim the int

I need to plaster the ceiling in the bathroom because at one time there must have been a leak and it nackered the ceiling gib.

The old ceiling consisted of two seperate pieces of gib. Instead of replacing the whole ceiling we've just taken out one of the pieces. When we put the new bit back in there's a bit of a gap. When I endeavour to plaster, (I've done a bit of plastering before) should I stuff plaster into the gap wait for that bit to dry and then go over the whole seam smoothly.

I've seen plasterers (proper ones, haha) use meshy looking tape stuff that they put over the seams first then they plaster over that. I'm not sure what the tape is for, maybe for gappy bits. Do I need the mesh tape? I'm being tight here guys!

Are there any tips for good plastering. It looks so easy when you watch the experts do it - but my god, when I try to do it, it just doesn't quite look right. Do I need to go a buy a trowel, is there something cheap or free that I can use instead.:)  

Queen Bee, just wrote you a huge reply, got dissed and lost the lot, bugga, so this is a short version.

What Im hearing is you have a gap between plasterboard (Gib in NZ, Gyp in Aus which is short for a brand, Gyprock) sheets.

If there is no joist behind the gap, you will need to place a something behind it, maybe a hemp hanger, not sure, but Im not suggesting this as you have to get into the roof which has associated health hazzards (at least theres no carpet snakes and red backs), get a pro maybe.

Ok so if you have something now behind the gap, if its a joist or hanger, you maybe ok, but its not the same deal as with wall joins. Lets just pretend it is. You need to mix up some cornice cement, thick, and fill the gap, if you dont you will likely get cracking if theres movement (my opinion only).

Mesh tape (fiberglass) is used when making the join, recessed or butt. But you will need to use it here to.

Place a thin layer (and not wide) of finish pre mix (jointing compound) over the now filled gap with a broadknife.
Then place the mesh tape over the the thin layer, and use broadknife to press it down.
Then get your broadknife and make another layer of finish over the tape, slightly wider than the tape, but keep it thin. This needs to be wider than the tape. Let it dry.
Repeat the last process two more times, getting wider each time.
Then once all is dry, sand with 150grit paper until smooth and flat (ish).

Costs, a few dollars each for plastic broadknifes 150mm 200mm and 250mm, but you can get away with one or two (smallest and largest) by using angled (to the join) strokes. $10 each (their abouts) for the smallest available quantities of mesh (fiberglass joining) tape, cornice cement, and pre mix finish compound. Now those are aussie prices for the brand name product (full range to assist in process). So dont quote me on prices.

Now, I dont know if the above will work for ceilings, thats just how I do gap joins (larger than 5mm, no larger than 20mm) for walls. Dont follow my way, get some pro advice.  

Get fair dinkum Queen Bee.
I don't know how much they charge in NZ for a sheet of Plaster but surley it cant be more than $30 odd.
If you try to join a new sheet to an old sheet that has already been stopped you are heading for disaster. Ever heard of the expression "Can't make strawberry jam out of Pig S#*T" ?

Bite the bullet, rip out the ceiling and put new sheets in.
You will have a much better chance of getting a good job.
If you decide to not buy a new sheet, then i wouldn't be bothered about getting trowels or anything, use a butter knife and maybe a spoon, you'll get thesame look and it won't cost you a cent, hehe.

Seriously though, plastering looks a hell of a lot easier than it is, so if you do attempt this yourself, then at least give yourself a fighting chance

BTW if it is only a small section of ceiling there are other ways of repairing, and whatever you do, don't go stuffing newspaper into cracks, it looks crap, doesn't work and Rats love it,

Good luck


Im with Gecho on this one. Plastering and sanding IS difficult to get a really nice finish. Ive always put the sheeting up myself and got a setter to plaster and sand, ive tried myself and it you just cant get the same result.

Besides that, I know Kiwis are tight but you need to spend a few bucks QueenBee to get a good job, spend the money, do it properly and then forget about it. Anything else is false economy.  

Thanks guys. Hehe thought I was being economic but spose I'm being tight. I think I'll try dynamites way and see if it works. Bye the way, gib sheet is about $14.00. And actually I've tried the paper in the hole trick, but you use tinfoil instead, the mice/rats apparently can't chew through that.


Poor rats and mice, have you ever chewed on foil, its insane, but I suppose they dont have fillings.

My main worry would be the thickness of the plaster, you dont want it raining down on you.

Like I said, dont use my tips soley as thats how I do large gap joins in walls, ceiling gaps is a whole different ball game, ring a plasterer and ask if your going about it the right way, or go to a hardware store where builders roam the isles.  

Originally posted by dynamite
or go to a hardware store where builders roam the isles. Click to expand...
hehe- especially those experienced builders with missing fingers.  

For a flat join, each piece of gyprock must have a recessed edge, so that the jointing mesh is below the surface of the gyprock sheet ( sort of like 'down in the valley' ).

If you're not fussy about neat finish, then just do as dynamite has written - it'll look ok, need to have a 250mm wide topcoat finish either side of mesh tape ( get the self-adhesive fibreglass, don't put down a bedding coat, but cost $$ more than paper tape in a bedding coat ). When sanding, remember that mesh tape will show if you sand too much, so need to build a mound ( 1-2mm high ) over join and sand down to 0mm thickness, 250mm away from join centre. I did this in my family room, and I still don't like the finish. Very visible late afternoon when sunlight reflects just the right way, casts shadows

for a perfect flat finish ( if the bathroom needs it ), rip down the entire ceiling and replace with new gyprock, and ensure that the joins meet under a rafter or batten. Use gyprock screws, not clout nails. If this can't be done, glue a 150mm wide strip over the join ( from inside the roof ). This gives the join structural strength, the plaster filler is just cosmetic and has no real strength.

The benefit of joining recessed edges is that the mesh tape is sunken, and the distance from recessed edge to recessed edge is under 150mm, so you can fill the valley with a 150mm broadknife rather than wielding a 250mm knife upside down side by side, and it's near impossible to get a really good finish this way unless you're a pro plasterer.

You also can fill the valley with ordinary base coat mix so don't need to buy a separate topcoat mix ( save $$ ), and don't need to buy a 250mm knife ( save a little $ ) and will not go insane trying to plaster upside down. trust me, I've been there and I've come back, with a little mental scarring and lots of plaster in my hair. Quick tip. Never try to lift a 4.2m x 1350mm sheet on to the plaster winches with less than 4 people.

Finish the join ( sanded flat & smooth ), before fitting cornices.

to get cornice corners straight, cut 2 pieces to fit a corner, each 300mm long. use these to work out where the real pieces should fit on the wall, and pencil mark bottom edge on wall and top edge on ceiling. make the marks thick and really visible, and make a mark 20mm away, write 20mm on this mark, so when you fit the real cornice, you can see how far over the 0 mark you are, when it's obscured.

good luck

QB - have you ever iced a cake?

Was it a perfectly smooth job?

If the answer was 'yes' to both qs, then go ahead and plaster.

BTW: I do ice cakes, and I don't plaster.

Chatting with my plaster on a job?
me: "You ever iced cakes?"
him: "Nah, wife won't let me. I only suggested she use fibro tape to hold the wedding cakes together. It creates a seemless join..."



How often do you chat with your plaster?:D  

Originally posted by brains

How often do you chat with your plaster?:D
Click to expand...
Last time she got plastered?  


Guys, don't give up the day job :)

Jas (who'll talk with anyone, never know what I'll learn!)

PS - If anyone's wondering, the plaster's wife is right. Fibro tape and cakes don't mix, no matter how seemless a join you need.  

Now the roofs leaking!

Well MM (Mere Male) went up to the IP last night to plaster the ceiling, we had a storm last night and it was piddling down, and it was piddling down through the roof too.

So he had to take the new ceiling off, to see if he could see where it was coming from. Now don't ask me why, but he gets up on the roof (it wasn't that high, it's a flat annex type roof) in the middle of this storm, pitch black, with his tube of silicon and starts squirting it everywhere. Then says to himself, what the hell am I doing, gets off and comes home, soaking wet.

It sounded quite amusing when he told me, he was drenched. We'd had a crap week with other things going on and he walks in the door and says "the roofs leaking all over the bathroom". I just burst out laughing, well it was better than crying!

I asked him this morning why he was squirting silicon over the roof in the pouring rain because it wouldn't dry. He said he saw an ad on TV where they were putting silicon on things while it was raining. Except the one that he had wasn't the same one as the one in the ad! Mmmm.

Anyway, this morning I get on the phone to this guy who owns this roofing place, and he's the convenor for our kids rugby. (I've only met him once). I can't thank this guy enough, he had his guys up there in 15 minutes, up on the roof and they fixed it, it was something apparently quite simple, the guttering or something. When I rang this guy later on in the day to find out how much it would cost, he said "don't worry about it". My first thought was "there are good people out there still". Especially after all the crap I've had with a builder this week.

Anyway, MM's just got back, he put the ceiling back on and he's done the plastering. I've just got to get back tomorrow sometime (with a four month old baby in tow) and give it a couple of coats of paint. The tenants move in on Thursday.

Thank god! Now I'm looking for the next IP!:D  

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