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The bathroom ceiling (approx 10 sq metre) in our IP has a bit of mould showing and the PM has suggested to have the ceiling repainted along with the preparation needed to kill the mould to prevent it returning through the newly painted ceiling.
The PM's painter has had a look at the job and has estimated the cost of around $600.00 We nearly fell over as the ceiling would be around 10 sq metres (8' x 5')

Is $600.00 an excessively high price for the small size of the bathroom.
The property is located in Rockhampton and I don't think that the mould is really that bad as the tennants (who are very neat and tidy) did not request the repainting of the ceiling - the PM just wrote a note in her inspection report recommending that it should be attended to asap. We were last at the property Jan 2006 and there was no mould showing at that time.

I'm thinking that I may organise a quote myself by ringing around for quotes either via another painter or using a handyman.

I'm presuming the ceiling needs to be washed down with sugar soap, apply some type of mould killer undercoat and then 1 coat of ceiling white.

I must also add - that when the PM initially suggested the repainting of the bathroom ceiling she said that looking back on previous jobs that their painter has carried out in bathrooms of similiar size that the price was around $300-$350.00 therefore when $600.00 was estimated to us by the same painter that was when it got us thinking that he's either very busy or taking advantage that it is an IP.

Can someone advise if they think $600.00 is excessive ???
Or even recommend a painter that they have used at Rockhampton.

Looking forward to any thoughts / recommendations.

Hi Karen,

Does it need repainting or does it just need the mould cleaned off??



I had the mould problem on a newly painted ceiling in Cairns. I went to Bunnings and they sold me Exit Mould, told me to spray it on, let it dry, redo each day until mould brushed off, then when I was sure mould was dead to paint it with a special undercoat, (the name of which I forget) then put the white over it. All up it took very little time and it worked!!!

Once I fixed the reason the ceiling was getting damp it has not come back :D


Maybe the tenant has just had the bathroom window closed a lot more during this cold winter. If the paint work looks good, then any money spent might be on an exhaust fan. Though many tenants won't turn em on when showering during winter cos they suck the hot air out of the room.  

A mix of bleach and water will get the mould off too. $600 does sound excessive, although if its mouldy and peeling etc, then there may be a bit of prep work involved.

Dulux have the Moudshield paint which is meant to be for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.  

rossv said: ↑
Hi Karen,

Does it need repainting or does it just need the mould cleaned off??

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Rossv, It would need repainting as well as the mould cleaned off.  

We always use solaguard or similar external low sheen paint for the wet areas, it seems to handle the moisture much better and its easier to clean.

Regards Bushy  

Best thing is to wipe off most of the mould with a mix of warm water and bleach / sugar soap - this alone may make a huge difference. If not, paint ceiling with a low sheen paint. Don't use normal ceiling paint (for bathrooms) which is a flat finish as it's more difficult to keep clean and wipe down in future. $600 sounds a bit rich considering it would take about 2-3 hours labour max and 1-2 lt of paint (~$30). Yes, get more quotes from a handyman (you don't need a pro painter for this) but make the calls yourself, don't go through the PM.

As WW mentioned, it may be worth getting a sparky in to install a powerpoint in the roof cavity and install an exhaust fan. Make sure you tell him to connect the switch wire to the active of the existing single gang so that the fan goes on when you turn the light on - don't have separate switches for fan and light as some tenants can't be arsed flicking both on, especially in the winter.  

Thanks to all who replied, all the advise received is great.
Nomadic and Bushy thanks for your tips on using a low sheen paint instead of normal ceiling white. I'll now make sure to tell whoever is doing the job that it has to be painted using low sheen.
I'll start sourcing a handyman whom I sure could get the job done cheaper than $600.00

Thanks again  
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