新西兰Stolen WRX stay ahead of Police for 40km


A stolen car struck a policewoman and then drove on its wheel rims after running over road spikes during a high speed chase near Taupo this morning, say police.
The officer, who had stopped and was speaking to the driver after he allegedly drove off without paying for fuel, was struck on her left side.
She suffered minor bruising and a sore left knee but did not require medical help, said Sergeant Greg Weston of Taupo police.
The incident happened about 7.30am on State Highway 5, just north of Wairakei.
Police pursued the car for about 40km from Wairakei toward Rotorua, at speeds of up to 170kmh, he said.
Police put down road spikes in front of the car, which punctured three tyres. The car drove on for another 9km, during which time one tyre disintegrated before the driver pulled over.
Mr Weston said a 19-year-old Lower Hutt man will appear in Taupo District Court tomorrow, facing nine charges arising from the incident.
The charges include theft, reckless driving, driving while disqualified (third or subsequent), failing to stop for police, driving with excess breath alcohol and aggravated assault.

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Easy to steal, faster than police's Holden, easy to sell, always someone need the parts.


$ for $, there is only one car better value than WRX, that's Evo, but they are a bit harder to hot wire, and more likely got an alarm since they cost even more than STi.

If the robber got same kind of driving training as police, the brand new $40000 police Holden can never caught a 16 year old $5000 WRX.


In Australia they are No 1 choice for Ram Raid, police been beat too many times, independent tests confirm that the Subaru Impreza WRX accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h, quicker than V8 Falcons and Commodores, but has a lower top speed than the larger pursuit cars, the only way they can beat WRX is use the WRX themself.


Police now plan to recruit three WRXs for a more thorough evaluation. All will be fully marked, used as highway patrol vehicles and run for 40,000km - the normal life of NSW police cars. Two Subarus will be based in the city and another will be posted in the inner west. The cars are expected to be on the road mid-year. During the first evaluation only nine officers from the city highway patrol division and four from the Endeavour region were authorised to drive the Subaru, after completing a one-day familiarisation course at the School of Traffic and Mobile Policing at Goulburn. During the next evaluation, it is planned that all 53 officers from the city highway patrol section will be trained and authorised to drive the cars. Police are reluctant to comment on the performance of the speedy Subaru, for political reasons. Senior officials do not want to condone or condemn a particular brand of car. However, independent tests confirm that the Subaru Impreza WRX accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h, quicker than V8 Falcons and Commodores, but has a lower top speed than the larger pursuit cars. With all-wheel-drive, the Subaru also has superior grip on wet and dry road surfaces. This has been the attraction to crooks trying to outrun police.

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subaru  非常非常的好偷


That's why even my mum's 1.5 lt imprezza auto wagon can't get insurance unless it got a 4 star alarm.


I email you the Chinese security guard named Tony's address, how can I get the money?



Just send me your account no to me, I will transfer the money.

I have received the money, thanks.

A police chase ended with a pedestrian being struck on Cashel Street in Christchurch overnight.
Shortly after 1am this morning a police patrol tried to stop a stolen Subaru in the Christchurch CBD.
The car accelerated away before losing control, striking and injuring a pedestrian and then hitting four parked cars.
Both occupants of the car fled the scene, with a 23-year-old man apprehended a short distance away, police said.
He will appear in Christchurch District Court today.
The other occupant of the car is still at large.
The 28-year-old woman who was hit by the car suffered fractures and lacerations and is in a stable condition in Christchurch Hospital.



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