澳洲[Sydney][招聘] Full Stack .NET Developer


Location Sydney CBD | Australia

公司刚放出来的岗位。如有意向请麻烦将简历Word或PDF格式并请在邮件标题注明 岗位名称 发至[email protected], 非诚勿扰,收齐几份后会转给招聘部门。希望有更多同胞伙伴加入公司。如通过面试并入职,公司会有一定的奖励给我。
公司规模300多人,2021 Great Place to Work® Certification. 欢迎投简历。

Who are you?
You are a software developer that is passionate about developing quality software.  We build scalable solutions to cater to high-volume transactions, so good API design and database skills are a must. You love being part of a team – and people love having you in their team.  We aren’t interested in rock stars – we want to build great rock bands where everyone is a part of the successful outcomes.

Whether you went to university or are self-taught through boot camps and tutorials we are ready to hear from you – because what matters to us is how you code and where you want to head. So, blow us away with your attitude and ambition, your passion for your profession, and the way you make teams better by your presence.

Why would you want to join
A modern tech stack – Our future is built around a modern tech stack with a focus on Microservices with a DevOps mindset
Work from home – You will only be expected in the office 2-3 days a week if that suits you
Flexibility – You will be empowered to adjust your hours to suit your lifestyle, plus we even offer part-time work
Desirable teams - Our teams are full of people you want to work with – and that is no accident
Training and development –We provide access to extensive training materials from Pluralsight to LinkedIn Learning, plus we –provide company support for study and certification
Growth opportunities – If you have career goals, we will support you in achieving them
Regular team events – From technical team activities (Hackathons, Developer Guilds) to the non-so-technical activities (we have a social committee who hosts monthly events – even in lockdown!)
Become an industry expert –We will provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the rapidly growing payments industry
Supportive of those with a family focus – For example, we avoid scheduling meetings during typical school pick-up hours, and we offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave for primary caregivers plus superannuation is still paid on the unpaid portion.

How will you know if this is the job for you?
Ideally you have 5+ years of development experience, but if you can show us how you’ve fast-tracked your career and learning, we’d love to hear about it
You will have strong full-stack development skills, including React and REST API
You will have been part of an Agile team and worked in SCRUM

We need you to have the following skills:
.Net Core Framework
SQL Server
Secure coding practices/OWASP

And it would be great if you had these as well:
NUnit or other unit testing framework
Splunk/New Relic

What else?
You understand that software is written by teams, and you are willing to solve the problems and collaborate to move the project forward.
You’ll also be ensuring we don’t cut corners – which means reviewing code, helping grow our best practices, writing useful documentation and doing all those modern essentials, like source-code management and CI/CD pipelines. And it means supporting what you build.
Everyone is a leader, so you will support your team members, find areas to own and grow, and build your non-technical skills, such as presentation and influencing skills.  We want to maximise your horizontal career growth and set you up for your vertical career growth.

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